Lag Ba’Omer 5781

Boruch Hashem, our girls enjoyed an absolutely incredible Lag Ba’Omer, filled with chassidishe pride and beautiful achdus!

Students in grades Pre 1a through fifth grade joined the rally outside 770 Eastern Parkway with singer Benny Friedman, a trampoline act, and an Itche Kadoozy show. In the beautiful weather and with smiling faces, our students marched down the street as proud Bnos Menachem girls. All of our Tzivos Hashem generals through seventh grade marched in the grand Generals March! 

Our junior high students in grades six through eighth had a magnificent color war! The three teams called “The Power of the Children”, “The Power of the Youth”, and “The Power of the Mother” were each beautifully presented with song, dance and drama by our talented girls!

On Thursday, our high school students proudly did mivtzoim in the massive American Dream Mall, finding many Jewish women who happily agreed to light Shabbas candles that week. 

After doing mivtzoim, they went to the home of Rabbi and Mrs. Vigler in Pomona for some words of inspiration about the special day of Lag Ba’omer. Dinner was a delicious BBQ, with fun and games, as well as a kumzitz, farbrengen and a bonfire. Friday was spent at the Ohel, and concluded with hearing some words from the popular speaker Rabbi Bryski.

The photos of the rally and most of the photos of the color war were taken by Peter Serling.

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