Chidon Trip & Awards!

We are so proud of all our Bnos Menachem students in grade 4-8 who worked tirelessly throughout the entire year studying the 613 mitzvos! Congratulations on learning so many mitzvos!

There are two tracks within this program – Chidon and Mitzva Maven. Girls in the chidon went on an outstanding, fun trip to the massive American Dream Mall in New Jersey, enjoying the indoor amusement and water parks, together with hundreds of girls from many other schools!

“The Chidon trip was a blast!” shares Naomi Chaya, a seventh grade student.

Our Mitzva Maven girls had a day filled with fun and adventure including jumping in the Launch Trampoline Park, lunch at Kingston pizza, touring the Rebbe’s room and WLCC, and much more!

“Our students gain so much knowledge and confidence while studying for the chidon tests. They feel successful knowing that no matter what mark they get, their efforts will still be recognized,” says a Bnos Menachem teacher.

And the highlight of it all – the grand Sefer Hamitzvos game show and award ceremony!

On Sunday, Yud-Beis Sivan, our students watched as their friends competed against other game show members to score the most points for their team from answering the questions correctly. The Ahavas Yisroel the girls had for their friends’ accomplishments was so inspiring!

Congratulations on our 3 Bnos Menachem students upon earning a silver trophy! Our winners are:

Grade 4 – Musia Wolf

Grade 5 – Chaya Mushka Mishulovin

Grade 8 – Tzivia Osdoba

Mazal tov to all our students upon receiving awards for their outstanding accomplishments!

We asked Esther, a student in seventh grade, how she feels about the Chidon. “I am very proud of myself for receiving a plaque,” she says, “and it was cool to be able to receive it by the viewing of the Chidon. I loved how the trip was a day full of fun!”

The program concluded with much singing and dancing, and everyone felt the joy that Torah learning brings. Our girls are literally bringing Moshiach with all their Torah Knowledge!

Thank you to our talented photographer Rebecca Howard for the photos from the award ceremony.

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