Bnos Menachem

Infusing leadership with compassion is the mission of Bnos Menachem.

This synthesis will make its students the visionaries of tomorrow, each dedicated to transforming her home, her community and her world into a place of perfection, G-dliness and good.”

Bnos Menachem School is the unanimous choice for parents seeking a level of education above the ordinary.

The school for girls in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, was established in 1999, by a small team of individuals who wanted better than the mediocre.

Their vision was to create a learning environment that promoted traditional and chassidic values through modern methods and technique. Bnos Menachem, literally the daughters of Menachem refers to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, who spoke with great emphasis on the urgency to educate young women, for ultimately they determine the course for the next generation.

The school is a tribute to the Rebbe’s leadership.  Limited class size, attention to detail and enveloping concern for every individual, allow Bnos Menachem to champion each student to cultivate her talents and recognize her own potential.

Now in our 15th year, Bnos Menachem enjoys the reputation of the school that offers balanced Judaic studies and general studies curriculum, plus many avenues for discovery and promotion.